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General Conditions for using the website www.skyrun.skytower.ro


By accessing this website and/or any of its pages, you agree to these terms of use.

www.skyrun.skytower.ro is operated by SC 2BE Group SRL, CUI: RO43075210, with headquarters in Prahova, Campina, Strada Grivitei, no. 88.

The contact email address is contact[@]2-be.ro, and the contact phone number is 0786.579.452

These General Conditions define the conditions of use of the website www.skyrun.skytower.ro by potential visitors or clients. By accessing and browsing this site, you accept the terms of use described below.


Our site will provide the information on this website for general informational purposes and does not guarantee their accuracy at any given time, although we will try as much as possible to ensure that all the information is accurate when it is published on the site.

The displayed prices, as well as the additional expenses/taxes, are calculated with value added tax (VAT) included, regulated by the Romanian fiscal laws.

2BE Group SRL provides the following services:

bicycle and sports equipment rental
cycling courses in bikeschool
organize events


All 2BE Group SRL services can be paid by the following payment methods:

Through bank transfer
Online, with the card

How do I pay online, with the registration card for the SkyRun sports event?

1. I choose the category (individual or corporate), fill in the registration form with my data, read the declaration on my own responsibility regarding the appropriation of the details of the Participation Regulation, tick if I agree with the terms.

This information is necessary for the correct and efficient processing of the order placed by you. Personal information is not transferred to other third parties, neither by 2BE Group SRL, nor by Netopia Payments.

2. I confirm the correctness of the recorded data and enter the card data to pay the participation fee. Enter the credit/debit card data:

For payments with credit/debit cards issued under the Visa and MasterCard logo (Visa/Visa Electronic and Mastercard/Maestro), the “3-D Secure” system, developed by these organizations, is used, which ensures online transactions the same level of security as made at the ATM or in the physical environment, at the merchant. “3-D Secure” primarily ensures that no information related to your card is transferred or stored, at any time, on our servers or Netopia Payments servers, these data being directly entered into the Visa and MasterCard systems. In addition, “3-D Secure” is a system for authenticating the identity of cardholders in an electronic environment. The cardholder authentication process is based on the security code known only to the cardholder and is performed only on Visa or MasterCard servers, as applicable. The “3-D Secure” system allows making online purchases with any card issued under a Visa or MasterCard license, including debit and electronic Maestro and Visa Electronic cards. Virtual cards issued by these organizations are also accepted.

3. If the card transaction was successful, the next screen thanks you and gives you the relevant information for the order.

We accept the following credit/debit cards: Visa, Visa Electronic, Mastercard/Eurocard, Maestro, including Visa or MasterCard virtual cards.


The deadline for canceling a reservation, without incurring penalties, is 30 days before the date for which participation in the event was reserved. The amount paid is returned within 30 days of the cancellation request.
For cancellations made less than 30 days before the date for which participation in the event was reserved or in case of no-show, the full value of the reservation is charged. In case of force majeure, we offer the possibility to participate in another 2BE event


In order to be able to participate in the promotional event, the participant who has confirmed the registration by paying the participation fee, will present himself according to the regulations to receive the competition kit and will come to the start.


SC 2BE GROUP SRL (hereinafter referred to as 2BE), will not transfer the ownership of the software applications.

2BE owns full and complete rights to the title and thereby all copyright and patent rights.

All information, products or applications contained in this site are the property of 2BE, which reserves the right to modify the content and/or structure of the site at any time and without any prior notice.

The entire content of the website www.skyrun.skytower.ro is protected by copyright law, all rights reserved. All rights related to the pages, content and presentation of the site are owned by 2BE GROUP SRL – a social enterprise based in Campina, Str. Grivitei no. 88. It is prohibited to copy, modify, display, distribute, transmit, publish, sell, license, create derivative materials or the use of the website content for any purpose without written confirmation from 2BE GROUP.

Access and use of the www.skyrun.skytower.ro page are free and aim to help users find the necessary information in the easiest and fastest way possible, according to each person’s requirements.

The information on www.skyrun.skytower.ro is of general interest and is made available to users free of charge. The term “user” of this page means any natural or legal person who will access the page. You can copy and print the content of the www.skyrun.skytower.ro page for your personal use, without commercial intentions. In any other situations, the content of www.skyrun.skytower.ro cannot be reproduced, modified or exploited without the explicit consent of www.skyrun.skytower.ro representatives.


The content of the information refers to the description in a certain degree of detail of the activities, products and services of 2BE. 2BE will not make any guarantees regarding:

– avoiding the arduous use or interruption in use of the site;
– not to negatively affect other systems by using the site;
– the non-existence of viruses or other components that could harm users on the website.

Thus, 2BE cannot be held responsible for any kind of direct or indirect damage caused by the use of its website.
All the information presented on the site regarding 2BE products, prices, information, marketing campaigns and promotions, technical aspects, are presented for information purposes. Nothing in the content of the 2BE website can constitute a firm offer to contract and cannot engage the responsibility of 2BE in the absence of subsequent agreements.


The objective of the site’s content is to transmit updated and accurate information.

2BE cannot guarantee that these pages do not contain errors, and assures that it will make every effort to provide correct information and remedy any errors.

Any person who wishes to purchase one of the services or products presented on the site is asked to contact 2BE through one of the means displayed on the site’s Contact page, in order to find out both about the availability of the service or product in question and about contractual conditions, tariffs and technical or other information.


When information is requested through this site, it is for the purpose of identifying you or the possibility of contacting you.

The nature of the requested information refers in particular to personal data (name, address, telephone numbers), e-mail address, the way in which 2BE products and/or services are used or intend to be used, but may also include other information found in close connection with the use of the requested services and/or products.

In order to better respond to the needs and questions of website users, the information requested through this website will be subject to electronic storage and processing.


This site may contain links or references to other sites considered by 2BE to be useful in relation to the content of its site and which are not under its control or guidance. In the case of using these links or references, the general conditions of use corresponding to those sites will apply.

2BE cannot guarantee/control the actuality/accuracy of the information present on the websites of third parties, to which reference is made from its website.


Any person who visits the www.skyrun.skytower.ro site and who provides personal data or information through this site expressly and unequivocally consents to the following: the processing of these personal data and information by 2BE; transmission of promotional materials specific to direct marketing operations; the solution by 2BE of the requests, questions and complaints addressed (see the Contact page on the website); other activities undertaken by 2BE and permitted by law, which are not subject to an approval from the recipient.

2BE will keep this information confidential.

The continued use of this site constitutes your express and unequivocal agreement in accordance with the provisions of law 677/2001 and the GDPR directives for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

For any confusion regarding the exercise of your rights regarding the use of the site and the protection of use, please contact us through the Contact section of the site.


NOR – este denumirea comercială al FREEN RESTAURANT S.R.L., persoană juridică de naționalitate română, având sediul social Bucuresti, Sectorul 1, Str. Ion Campineanu Nr. 11, Cladirea Union International Center, Etaj P, inregistrata la Registrul Comertului sub nr. de ordine J40/9218/1991, avand Cod Unic de Identificare 1573618 Cumparator – poate fi orice persoana fizica sau persoana juridica sau orice entitate juridica care efectueaza o Comanda. Site – platforma pentru efectuarea comenzilor, gazduita la adresa web https://skyrun.skytower.ro/ si subdomeniile acestuia. Comanda – un document electronic ce intervine ca forma de comunicare intre Vanzator si Cumparator prin care Cumparatorul transmite Vanzatorului, prin intermediul Site-ului intentia sa de a achizitiona Bunuri si Servicii de pe Site.


  1. Prin inregistrarea unei Comenzi pe Site, Cumparatorul este de acord cu forma de comunicare (telefonic sau e-mail) prin care NOR isi deruleaza operatiunile comerciale.
  2. Odata achizitionate, biletele nu mai pot fi returnate.
  3. In cazul in care Cumparatorul nu mai poate ajunge la ora programata, acesta poate reprograma vizita prin nr. de telefon 0731 33 33 11 sau la adresa de email contact@norbucharest.ro. Noua data pentru efectuarea vizitei va fi stabilita in termen de maximum 30 de zile de la programarea initiala.
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